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Focus Quran is a nonpolitical organization even it’s not a part of any Islamic Group or Outfit. Our sole object is to teach the holy Quran to those who are fond to learn purely this divine book in online. Focus Quran is formed with some skilled Islamic Scholar who has a quite sincerity in their responsibility.

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According to the Islamic belief, Prayer (solat) is the key to Jannah.The prayer (Solat) would not be granted without reciting the Quran purely. So learning to recite the Quran purely is an important thing for the every Muslims. But it’s a matter of regret that there are many peoples who can’t recite the Quran properly. Focus Quran can cordially help them to recite this holy book in correct especially for those who can’t chance to go to the Islamic Centre or Mosque to learn reciting the Quran even for kids and older peoples. For all of these enthusiastic peoples Focus Quran is ready to serve for 24 hours.

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